EU member country since 1973, opt-out from euro, Schengen area member since 2001. Embarking on a journey of education in Denmark opens doors to a world of opportunities. Renowned for its progressive society, high-quality education, and exceptional standard of living, Denmark is a coveted destination for international students. Immerse yourself in an inclusive and innovative learning environment, where creativity and critical thinking are nurtured. With a wide range of English-taught programs across disciplines, Denmark offers a globally recognized education. Embrace a vibrant and sustainable lifestyle, experience the Danish concept of hygge, and explore the captivating blend of historical charm and modernity. Prepare to be inspired and enriched as you pursue your academic dreams in the captivating land of Denmark.

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List Of Universities In Denmark

Major Universities:

University of Copenhagen

Technical University of Denmark

Copenhagen Business School

Aarhus University

Roskilde University

Aalborg University

University of Southern Denmark

IT University of Copenhagen

Institutions in architecture and art:

Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

Royal Danish Academy of Music

Royal Academy of Music

Aarhus School of Architecture

The National Film School of Denmark

Design School Kolding, Kolding

Rhythmic Music Conservatory

Danish National Academy of Music

The Danish National School of Performing Arts

University colleges:

Copenhagen School of Design and Technology

Danish School of Media and Journalism

University College Absalon

Metropolitan University College

University College Copenhagen

University College Lillebaelt

University College of Northern Denmark

VIA University College

University College South Denmark

The Necessary Teacher Training College

Business academies:

IBA International Business Academy

Business Academy Aarhus

Business Academy of higher education MidWest

Copenhagen Business Academy

Danish Academy of Business and Technology

EA Business Academy SouthWest

Lillebaelt Academy

Zealand Institute of Business and Technology

Maritime educational institutions:

Copenhagen School of Marine Engineering and Technology Management

Aarhus School of Marine and Technical Engineering, Aarhus

Fredericia Maskinmesterskole, Fredericia

Former universities and colleges:

Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University

Pharmaceutical College

Aarhus School of Business

Danish Pharmaceutical College

Royal School of Library and Information Science

Odense University

Danish University of Pharmaceutical Science

University College South

West Jutland University College