EU member country since 2004, Euro area member since 2011, Schengen area member since 2007. Welcome to Estonia, a thriving hub of knowledge and innovation! Nestled in Northern Europe, Estonia offers an exceptional study destination for international students. Renowned for its cutting-edge technological advancements and digital society, Estonia provides a stimulating environment for academic growth. Immerse yourself in a forward-thinking education system that emphasizes innovation, research, and hands-on learning. Explore a range of English-taught programs across disciplines, benefit from state-of-the-art facilities, and engage with a diverse and inclusive community. Discover the unique blend of medieval charm and digital prowess, while gaining a world-class education in Estonia - the digital frontier of Europe.

5/24/20231 min read

List Of Universities In Estonia

Public comprehensive universities:

  1. Tallinn University

  2. Tallinn University of Technology

  3. University of Tartu

Public specialized universities:

  1. Estonian Academy of Arts

  2. Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

  3. Estonian Academy of Security Sciences

  4. Estonian Aviation Academy

  5. Estonian Maritime Academy

  6. Estonian National Defence College

  7. Estonian Public Service Academy

  8. Estonian University of Life Sciences

  9. Tallinn University of Applied Sciences

  10. Pallas University of Applied Sciences

Private universities:

  1. Estonian Business School (EBS)

Multinational institutions:

  1. Baltic Defence College

Private institutions:

  1. Estonian School of Diplomacy

  2. Euroacademy

  3. Institute of Theology

  4. Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences

  5. Tartu Academy of Theology

  6. Institute of Liberal Arts


  1. Tallinn Health Care College

  2. Tallinn Health Care College